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unlawful electrical installation

Lindiwe Mnkomo


unlawful electrical installation


Problems we are facing as a community is illegal connections as we all know that electricity is dangerous but because people do not have have proper electricity   and we know that electricity plays a vital role people end up connecting it illegal.


And the excessive usage of electricity resulting from the illegal connections overloads the transformers, causing explosions that result in prolonged unplanned outages that can last for many days and leave all homes, traffic lights and business in the area without power.


We had a short meeting with the community and we decided that we call our municipality and tell them about this issue and ask him to supply everyone with proper electricity from Eskom so that this thing of illegal connections could end.


He said the solution to this problem is that they supply everyone with electricity but he said in the meantime we must remove the unlawful electrical connections because it’s dangerous.

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