Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Maria madonsela

Waste is a problem




Waste everywhere we go, we meet with waste, in different places where we not supposed to get it because the waste pickers take long not coming to collect waste. This course a lot of problems in our community.


Municipality takes about 2 weeks to 3 weeks not collecting the west in our area, so this give us a problem. The nyawupe boys decided to come to our houses and ask the job to collect the waste.


When the nyawupe boys collect the west it found that they pick up to another house and put it next door in the gate. when you wake up in morning you get lot of west in your gate. this give the community a problem .in different houses they meet with the same problem of west.


This is happening in our community at Ext 18 Ezinambeni. The community has complaining about this problem of west. Even if they are not pick up it , they come and search inside the bin pick up what they want in side and they put down dirty waste in your house.


This it happened almost every time, because this boy need money for smoking. When they need money they can come in house and ask the west in order to get the money for smoking The boys if they don’t get anything from you they still anything and sell.


The woman is affected because is the one who clean the house and the children because they are the one who help their mothers to collect west in the yard.


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