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Waste water in stream

Betty Masango

Waste water in stream




Informal settlement dwellers have decided to build flushing toilets to their homes and dispose their waste in the nearby stream.


At Vosman where the is a line of mines next to the dwellings, the mineworkers have decided to stay next to the mine sothat it will be easy for them to get to work.


This started as a result of the fact that the mines employs people’s from far away places so for them to get to work will be easy if they stay next to the mine even though its a wetland to them it doesn’t matter.


The kids were playing in the wetland that is now turned into a dwelling place and also the stream was where they use to swim and wash clothes when there is shortage of water together with livestock like cow’s ,goats ,sheep’s and chickens but now the stream is getting dry and stinking.


The municipality have to discuss to the mine employers to get a suitable place for their workers and be removed from the wetland and clear explanation be given to the mines about how theydestroyed the stream and polluted it.


Law enforcement to be sent to care of the situation could any difficulties arise


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