Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Electricity is too expensive for unemployed people

Rapule moiloa

Many people in our community in Diepkloof are unemployed, recently Eskom has begun installing electricity prepaid boxes in each household. Electricity has become too expensive and no one can afford it, our community has complained to Eskom many times for them to stop overcharging people and at least try to have a solution and come up with flat rate payments. 


A unit is sold for R2 and when you buy R200  electricity units you only get 100 units. this is not fair and unemployed people cannot afford it, how do they expect them to survive with such expensive rates while other people can’t even put food on the table.


Electricity is a need and people must work with a budget so that they can buy enough electricity to last them the whole month. We need electricity that is affordable and people don’t have to be stressed