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The gold mine rush left people suffering

Buyi Gasa

Life for the people of Snakepark is very difficult. Since the unknown mining company started mining in this area, it was destined for failure. The company started mining in the mid-’60s or ’70s and then in the late 80 it shut down but it left a very big scar on the people of Snakepark.

The mining tailing dam causes many problems and health issues to the people, mainly being that many elderly people living near this area have asthma and lung diseases due to this tailing. Some of these people didn’t know they had health issues until they visited the clinic recently. What really is confusing is that people haven’t gone anywhere to report this issue because they believe that even if they report this issue to the authorities they will do nothing.

As August is approaching people and schools will be affected cause you will find the dust in people’s homes and classes. Long ago they were taps near the tailing so that when it was windy they can open taps for the dust not to affect people’s homes, and schools but due to unemployment and drug abuse people stole these taps. The tailing mine dump at Snakepark really shows that life isn’t about glitters and glamour for every fortune there is a huge sacrifice, especially for the people of Snakepark.