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Against Foreign Nationals Truck Drivers unite as South Africans

Petrus Moshe


N12, is en route from Kimberly to Johannesburg, in which motorists uses which pass via Klerksdorp.

On the 16/06/2022, a day of Youth Celebration in South Africa in which everyone has to celebrate has turned into  mayhem and very disappointing for those who were to enjoy by either participating to Youth Celebrations of economic emancipation.

Instead it was disaster for job seekers and those who were going to work that day.

N12 was blocked by more five hundred tracks which were on resistance.

Whilst people and other motorists were gently trying move in between lanes to pass through, the reasons and motives of the strike is alluded to fact that  the government continue to allow  foreign Nationals to benefit employment opportunities over locals.

The demonstration suggested that people from other countries must not drive on that road, it should be only South Africans . The 12, is only for them.

The rationale behind  to this principle, suggests that we need to introspect, and go back to our history and start to create a platform of engagement and working towards a common good to cease this monster that is being created ! It is encompasses competition for profit amongst fellow Africans.

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