Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Exploration Application – #GasandOil

Zamokwakhe Shabalala

An application for Oil and Gas exploration Application is underway in the Amajuba District.

In the mountains of Normandien where the Thirsty bottle is on his head and where the water he sells is National, will be affected as he uses water from the above mentioned mountains.

Most people in Amajuba District are farming and some are farmers. Also in the area there’s a Game Reserve’s and the Chelmsford Dam which supplies water to Townships and the nearby City.


In 2017 Rhino Oil and Gas had applied for exploration of Oil and Gas in the Normandien are at KwaZulu Natal. The Community was part of series of protest against the project as they used two venues in Amajuba District. They started in Dannhouser Hall and came to Newcastle Civic Centre which was full of Farmers, Farm dwellers and businessmen.


Rhino Oil and Gas have filed a Lawsuit against Normandie Pty (LTD) over a search for Oil and Gas in the Normandy Area. With the re-application for the Oil, we feel that the Government is pushing these Industries to go in because of the fact that, by 2050 the Factories will be closed. Worst of all, the Environment Offices does not have access to Environmental Waste and the Health office.


We as Local people we have decided that nothing will happen to us without us. And the Right to say No we will defend.