Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Ikemeleng dust pollutes community lungs

Steven Ramokhula, New Stand.Ikemeleng,Krondaal, 24 August 2016


Ikemeleng an informal settlement located in Kroondal called Matebeleng by residents due to the cultural and tribal diversity found in the community as a result of five mining companies operating around. This community face huge respiratory challenges from the dust coming from the mining operations within and around the community.
During windy season one could hardly see another person from a distance of 100-200km away due to the severe dust. The cloud of dust covers the community making it hard for people living with asthma to breath and the general community at large. Those of us with no respiratory illness experience nose and eye irritation, dry cough and dust particles on our mucus.
We conducted interviews to know how many people have suffered due the dust and find out if our community is aware of the health hazard of poor air quality and their general views on the matter. We had 12 interviewees and unfortunately we couldn’t balance gender because female residents were reluctant to respond, we only managed to land two female interviewees.