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Improper Evictions from Land Owners – #Rights to Land

Zamokwakhe Shabalala

The power over of Landowners continued in Rural Areas around Amajuba District, where the Community have a Labour tenant’s.

The Community of Phokweni Area at Emandlangeni they are concern about the Farm owner that reducing grazing camp and closing water that led to the loss of livestock. In same area there is no space to even accommodate a House or a Food Garden. The farm owner used their households yards to keep his Tractor’s.

One of the Community Member said:” it’s very difficult to ask anything, even if we want to build or rebuilt our houses when we don’t have a permission of farm owner we cannot do anything.” he emphasized. The farm owner is refusing even for the Community to get Woods for House chores purpose, worse this Community have no Electricity.

Another Community Member age 70, usually jump the locked gates with their groceries every month at Spitskop Farm. The landowners have denied the Local Transport to access the please, even the Emergency Service they stop at the locked gates when they come to collect a sick person in this farm. The Community in the Rural Areas their not happy about aggressiveness of this farm owners. The Livestock owners have lost 150 livestock’s due to the reduced grazing camp’s which were taken by force.

The matters of Land eviction were reported at Land Affairs Offices and the Community Members have opened a case against Red Ants after they were bitten up by Red Ants.