Tunatazama - Community Monitors

June 16 Celebration

Sibusiso Zwane

Sisonke Environment Justice Network was having a new way of Celebrating June 16 Youth day, by having a Youth Dialog about Social issues which are affecting the Communities at large. Sisonke was a core host with Umhlaba Wethu Movement and Ox Farm South Africa was in partnership on making this wonderful event successful and fruitful.

Topic that were discussed were about Climate Change: –

  • How we can minimize Climate Change challenges.
  • Mines impact to our Community.
  • Land issues to our Community.

Youth shown a huge interest on those topics, they even shared how can we overcome Electricity problems which we are facing in this Country.

After that huge and fruitful Dialog. There was Information sharing on: –

  • How we can adapt on new ways of saving what we still have with us, like using Renewable Energy instead of burning Coal.
  • Tips on how to Recycle, Re-Use and Re-Duce, also how to get money from recycling materials.

There was a Lecture who was sharing different stories based on what happened in 16 June 1976. Students were given chance to engage and dialogue on how much they know about South African History, so that they be more empowered about history of 16 June.