Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Lack of Sporting Facilities

Velile Soga

25th April 2022


These are the conditions of our sport facilities in our community. There are no proper sports facilities for our kids to play.


The Zuka Baloyi stadium has been vandalized beyond repair, the Vuyo Charles stadium that has recently been upgraded with the money that has not been disclosed is used by the ruling party for imbizos and constituency meetings. The electric cables have been stolen, the stadium itself is a white elephant. Thabong used to have many professional soccer clubs like Real Hearts and Hungry Lions, but today all those clubs died a natural death and nobody cares about reviving them.


In Thabong during the days of Anglo-American we used to have all sporting codes like soccer, boxing, tennis, softball and other games.


Today our kids indulge in substance abuse as a result of lack of these facilities yet these facilities are lying in abandonment at what used to be the mining sport grounds.


That is a classical example of lack of political will on the part of our politicians because such facilities can be utilized to the development of sports in our community.

Our local schools are doing anything to alleviate this problem because schools no longer challenge each other even in choral music competitions.

This is indeed a very serious phenomenon that needs to be addressed by our politicians and the community at large