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Local Clinic Turned out tto be Ghost Clinic

Masondo Nomsa

Emthonjeni is one of the best Service provider that provides tirelessly to the Community of Msukaligwa Municipality. Members of the Community near and far are very angry and sad for a little while with what happened to our Clinic because since that fire started and burn the Clinic they find it’s so difficult for them to travel long distance to the other services providers where they transfer them to.  Some days it’s extremely cold or raining and they don’t have enough money to take a taxi because old and some youth are unemployed.

It’s been almost Four Months now since it’s been promised to get back soon to the operation of the Clinic where the Community used to receive their updated Medication. Worse now they find it so difficult for them to start a fresh and explain their problems to the new staff members of preferable Clinic because there is no privacy. Patients are sharing one room, they tried to accommodate everyone at the same time.

“Long ques is the most annoying thing that irritates us, because we have to carry a lunch box if we’re going to far Clinics, we don’t know how long it would take for you to be attended, so it’s better to have something like money or lunch box for you to survive the Day”. said Nondumiso.

“At least our Leaders, Councillor or the Department of Health must make a means by providing the Community with Mobile Clinics near our burned clinic by that way it will be better for all of us, the burden will not be that much to the service providers (in other Clinics)”, she added.