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Makhotla Sefuli

Makhotla Sefuli

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Monetary incentives for taking alleged vaccine brand for Covid 19. Who should be held accountable when our people are used as guinea pigs

Gubico got a tip off on unknown subtle mass vaccination happening at one of popular and iconic mining premises now and during apartheid South Africa.

Our ground investigative monitor and seconded facilitator were discharged to go and investigate the validity of this claim on the morning of the 23rd May 2022. On arrival they uncovered what can be perceived as covert mass vaccination campaign.

It’s important to look back into history as it affirms that history is the past, the present and the future. We should also be cognisant that those who hold political office should be held accountable.

Our renowned Goldfields Municipality during the pick years of the gold rush that started in the 1960s till the mid 1990s, which has been renamed Matjhabeng Municipality is not new to such controversy judging by what history has on record.

It is on documented that according to the American documentary named the Tuskegee Study in the 1930s. Africans men were put on unbeknownst to them that they were being used as Guinea pigs to research the effectiveness of penicillin to cure psyphillis and the outcome was catastrophic in some instances.

Similar to that is the experiment code named project coast by the apartheid South Africa conducted by the man dubbed Dr Death (Wouter Basson) by the South African media. The experiment saw black people deliberately being injected with HIV. The special assignment team called it chemical biological warfare.

Today our ground investigative monitors uncovered yet again what is an operation of similar nature in the name of Covid vaccination that has terrorised the world and households in our society to catastrophic proportions in some instances. It is our political suspicion that mass unemployment and destitution has created a perfect avenue among our people who will resort to anything to even at high risk of their well being to make quick bucks for survival.

Our ground investigator learned by word on the street that there might be people who are getting paid for taking the Covid vaccine at what was once an acclaimed mine bone injury hospital named after one of the biggest mining moguls in South Africa, namely Sir Enerst Oppenheimer who is a founder of the Anglo American cooperation that is listed on both the Johannesburg and London Stock Exchanges. The iconic remains as one of the landmark features of our now rundown, on the verge of a ghost city after most mining operations have closed down in the new despensation as the gold reserves being depleted or being harder to mine due to the depth of the current reserves as it is alleged that it has become difficult and risky to extract.

It is a historic fact that till today Matjhabeng still hosts some of the deepest incline gold mining shafts in South Africa.

Our monitors put spanner on the works to validate the veracity of the claims after interviewing one Mrs Motene was the direct beneficiary of the R450, 00 after taking the four doses of the vaccine at the place described above. Our initial investigation picked up that this has attracted what are considered to be rogue elements of our society to try their luck with the mass vaccination campaign because they are the view that the cash is kept on the premises.

As an activist I was prompted to jump into action and that led me to the consulting rooms of Dr Motsau who is based at the R H MATJHABENG PRIVATE HOSPITAL (previously ENERST OPPENHEIMER HOSPITAL)

I met a lady who identified herself as Olebogeng who explained to me how the whole process works and said that it is a trial administered on the volunteers before it can be availed to pharmaceutical companies

The following questions were posed to her and she was more than willing to answer them deligently.

  1. Name of the company
  2. Which pharmacitical company are they related to
  3. Who commissioned the pilot project

4 How long has it been in place

  1. How many people have been vaccinated
  2. Where else is such a trial being conducted.
  3. Does side effects of such get communicated to the patient
  4. Are there any consent forms that are being signed by the patient

On the first question the name of the company could not be provided and identified only as Dr Motsau consulting rooms.

The drug that is being administered is is related to Pfizer and they work in partnership with a Chinese company that has the behest of their government

The South African government is the one who commissions the pilot project

The project has been going on since January 2022 and is a twelve month project

The statistics could not be provided as that is considered to be classified. The trials are also being conducted in other locations that cannot be disclosed.

Side effects are not communicated but only followed up when they arise, hence the R450, 00.

People are not signing any consent forms but the process is outlined to them and they undergo thorough examination before they can take the vaccine.

The pre requisite for to qualify for the program is that you mustn’t be on any chronic medication including ARVs and you mustn’t be pregnant.

The R450, 00 that has caused so much euphoria is for the person to buy supplies that will last for a few days after taking the the vaccine and to buy airtime to call the doctor should any unusual symptoms occur.

Many people have taken part in the trial and thus far only five cases have been reported of people who required hospitalization after developing side effects.

The challenge is that some small time township thugs have tried several times to rob the young women who work with the doctor because they think the cash is kept at the premises and they don’t feel safe.

In an interview with Mrs Motene, one could understand that she and others who took part in the trial they were not given full details of what they were indulging into.

The government must be more transparent with their research because innocent people are only lured by the quick buck while being oblivious to the dangers that may come as a result.

Gubico will pen a letter to the relevant government departments to request clarity on the operation and the risks that are associated with with it. An update will be given in due course.

**The names and identities have been withheld for the purpose of of protecting the privacy of the people who took part in this interview