Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Meeting with the king & the community of Mmaditlhokwa.

Doris Mdau

04 June 2022

Name: Doris Mdau

Village: Marikana Mmaditlhokwa

Municipality: Bojanala

Province: North West

King Setuke came to for an engagement with the community and the community signed a resolution were by we allow him to help the community of Mmaditlhokwa.He made an appointment with the office of the speaker.They also went to meet with Tharisa & DMRE with Mr Peter.It was then decided that Tharisa stops blasting on the west far west.


But 2days later Tharisa Minerals Mine made 2 strong blasting & the king was made aware.

On the 17th May 2022 we went back to the DMRE  department & we were informed that the DMRE chief inspector was coming to Tharisa on the 20th may 2022.Appointment was set up for us & the inspector to meet together with the king.