Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Poorer Infrastructure in Our Community

Masondo Nomsa

On the 16th of June, everyone is Celebrating Youth Day. As we all know that Youth of Today is no longer untouched with things that happened years ago, but in Ermelo they did it!!!

Mr Samuel Nkosi the Sound Producer Said: “We would like to thank all the Department that has taken their effort to come and give support to our younger Generation, that means a lot…More as specially to the Department of Correctional Service we would like to say Big up”!!!

This event was one of the best and successful event that was based on Emadamini Location one of the Location under Msukaligwa Municipal.

This day was introduced as an Awareness to every Msukaligwa. Youth of Msukaligwa to was invited to come and exposed their talent, show case their skills and pursue their dreams. The purpose of this event was to also re-unite the Youth and to encourage them not to give up in their dreams. Not to committee themselves in crime, not to do drugs and any other substances that are not suitable for them.

“It was a shine bright day to see my grandchild playing like a super star…to watch him playing in a ground it convinced me that one day he could be a soccer star of tomorrow. Said Mrs Mavimbela”. A grand mother of a 15-year-old boy.

The thing I was not pleased with was, our ground was not good for the Tournament that shows we have poor infrastructure that needs to be improved one day.

At least our Community Leaders or Councillors must make a plan like maybe planting of green grass on the Ground and also, fence the place we call it a ground…that will be our pleasure. Also involving this young once”. Grandma added.