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Sebokeng: Born and Growing and Changing by Shimmy Kaizer Letsatsi (Botle ba Tlhaho Environmental Group )

Sebokeng is a township south of Johannesburg with Sedibeng as its district municipality. And its local municipality is Emfuleni.  The township was established in 1965 and since then it has accumulated a total area 46,45km² with about 218 515 of the population which consist of 99.1% Africans.  About 64.6% of the people are S. Sotho and have been leaving in Sebokeng, a South Sotho word which is known as a Gathering place.

Sebokeng has many zones ranging from zone 3 to zone 24 and therefore segmented zones according to class dynamics.  i.e zone 6; zone 10; zone 14 and newly developments like Golden Gardens are considered middle class just because they are not four roomed or government subsidized.  Then there has been more business in development, like Sebokeng Plaza which later was followed by Thabong Shopping Complex and made entrepreneurs to realize that there is good business in the township.  Businesses there range from food, clothing and furniture Chain stores; Aluminum windows, doors and burglars; to take away fast foods, car washes, doctors etc. and all of these is expected to be found on one street Moshoeshoe Rd. which is the major road in Sebokeng.

The only sad part is crime in some of the areas like zone 7 and z 13 and others, otherwise there area infrastructure erected and upgraded like Kwagastroom, a local Train station in zone 10 which had now attracted more commuters to use the train for public transport service.  Parks are also being considered for development in the open public spaces, and there are still roads being tarred and the police station is nearer including the hospital and other government institutions being easily accessible for ordinary public.  Word on the streets is that Sebokeng is well place to stay if some of the things are being taken care of, for instance there are still issues that are bothering the residents of Sebokeng such as “nyaope” which one of the biggest faults in this township.  The more young people use the drug, the more crime is occurring.

Other than that unemployment is still one amongst the major problems which could be eliminated should the growth of more local business empowering local people, the renovation of infrastructure and building of libraries and recreational facilities.  But all in all Sebokeng has become a great place and if one is pleased “tloho re tlo bokana kaofela Sebokeng”.