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Zamdela Sasolburg Background History 1952-1980’s by Rhona Reit

In 1978 there was a small location in Sasolburg called Protema only white people stayed there. During that time black people were still staying in Volvehoek. Then years later Sasolfirm started buying land. Because of the wind direction (air pollution) from Sasolfirm it decided to move black people from Roseburry farms to Zamdela. And that time the was one mine operating it was called Clasden mine, people who worked at Clasden mine all of them they were leaving at Volvehoek plaas

Sasolfirm started building ama hostels for its employees all of them were from Transkei and some people from Volvehoek their moved to Protema after the white had moved to Harabashotho .

And Middland it built houses for its employees as well at Middville and African it built houses for  its employees as well at Taylor park Sasolburg it was growing slowly and Clasden  it builded ama hostels for its employees at Umgababa

And at that time Sasolburg it was under Lekoawa municipality until 1996 than Metsimahollo was formed