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Diesel for borehole

Frans Mosou

Name : Frans Mosou
Municipality : Lephalale
Province : Limpopo
Date :19 August 2022


I visited Mr Mike Modise on 19 August 2022 who live in Shongoane village.
Mr Modise was born in 1960 and he is a disable person.

He has a small land in which he grows vegetables and due to shortage of water he uses water pump machine to access water .

Mr Modise depends on social grand money and also selling vegetables for a living. Due to shortage of water the villagers are buying water from his borehole and his water pump uses diesel, per week he uses 25 litre of diesel which means in a month he uses 100 litters.Becase his source of income is not enough the villagers live for days without water and vegetables are dying. While we lack water on the on the other hand Mega projects continue to use more water on daily basis . Communities are facing Social injustice and that shows the inequality.


I did speak with ward councillor concerning this matter of Mr Modise and he said he will present this matter to the council meeting so that they can assist him. Community leaders should continue with the advocacy to empower them with the knowledge about their rights.