Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Orlando west industrial

Rapule Moila

This area is an area where there are firms and people living around this place have build shacks on a wet land, part of a mind dump and near the stream, many of these people living here depend on cut offs from the wood that they get from the firms selling wood and boards.

Some have electricity that they have connected the cables from the mini subsatation that the firms get their electricity from the street lights and many of the women living there are unemployed both young and old they depend on wood to make fire to prepare for food.

Theres also a scrap yard that people from around take scraps that they get from the dumping places then take to the scrap yard to get money to buy something to eat.

The biggest problem is where the kids play as it is not safe for them because there is no proper place to play and they play with anything they collect, speaking to one lady who stays around she said it is not safe neither for women nor kids because of the surrounding’s they leave in .