Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Lolo Malatji

Name:Lolo Malatji
Maletswai village
Lephalale local municipality
Province: Limpopo
25 July 2022


Here is the beauty of our village that most of people in Lephalale don’t know that it exists .Our Indeginous heritage that should be turn into a Recreational park for our youth and including our future generation.
The area is naturally beautiful which is situated outside Maletswai village next to the river called Mokol which flows down to Limpopo river.

The site have an open big space for sports activities.It used to be used before as Hotspot Entertainment activities which helped some villagers to generate income especially Women and also bought people together in a form of togetherness the promotion of Ubuntu .
As the open space was used as sports ground for youth and also sports games and as for the Park space was used for Intertainment for local artists to capture the beauty pictures for social media platforms .


The site should be used as Educational tour for geographic purposes for learners.
The site can also be used as park for Entertainment as it was before but this time the community should benefit as a project supported by Eskom and Exxaro to sustain the community and promote small businesses to survive and grow. That will be a platform to reduce unemployment in the community.
The site should be used as Recreational sports activities as it was before and helps for local empowerment.