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Water access frustration to Moshira Community

Happiness Koma

Community of Moshira village under Fetakgomo-Tubatse local municipality have been struggling to access clean water for a long time. The problem started in 2018 when the water pumping machine broke down and till now nothing has been done while there is a mine and municipality that can assist.

Community people fetch water from Motse river because it is the only option for them to access free water. Livestock, other animals and birds also quench thirst from this river. It is far from other community members in the village which makes it difficult to collect enough water. Women are the ones collecting water most of the time and it is not safe for them. They collect water for washing, other household uses and drinking. During winter season it is not raining and people have to drink water that is not clean as dirt from the dongas goes straight into the river. It was better in other seasons cause the rain washed away all the dirt in the river.

The community spoke to the ward committee to write a letter to Fetakgomo local Municipality but even now they are still waiting. The councillor told the ward committee to let people know that he will come and have a meeting with the community but he never did. As the councillor, he is the one who should assist the community when they have problems. The Municipality was supposed to fix the water pumping machine so that people can access clean water without going to the river.

The community then wrote a letter to Twickenham Platinum mine to assist with the water problem but dissapointed. The mine responded by saying that some problems are municipality’s responsibility and for the mine to assist, they should get a letter from water affairs office since the land belongs to municipality and traditional leadership.

The only solution to this water problem is a community meeting with the Municipality then necessary steps can be taken.