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Frans Mosou

Frans Mosou
Shongoane village
Lephalale municipality
Limpopo province

# water challenge

Not so long a ago I managed to interview Daphney Molwantwa.
A 33 year old women who lives around Stevebiko at phase 3 with her three children and husband. Whom are both unemployed and have been living in the village since 2014. As she reported according to her experience as she moved to the area she’s been struggling to access clean water and have struggled to affording it as well, as she reported that she has been using her R350 grant to pay for water tank refill for 2500 once every two weeks , which is not enough as she sometimes moved to use the money for her Vegetable garden as small scale farming to pay for water even supported by her husband in making their financial situation even worse .

And also interviewed Maria Shiko ,who is a 42 years old female living in Stevebiko phase 4 together with her son who is a minor and still at school .And she reported that she Is a single mother facing the difficulty of not affording to pay for her water daily use to support herself and her son ,as she pays R3 per 20 litre bucket of water ,for which per day as she reported uses 4 of those 20 litres . At the end of the month she pays the minimum R340 or more just on water ,which is a huge problem on her budget of more or less then R850 from her piece job of the CWP community work program . The challenge of accessing water affects the whole of Lephalale as a Socio Economic injustice.

They have requested aid from Municipality to help me with taps per streets to help relief the financial situation this has put them in and tanks to be filled with water as an alternative, Municipality has answer that they will make taps per street program of such takes time and they will put tanks of water to help while they make those taps in every street