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Who do we call in an emmergecy ?

Kgothatso Huma

Kgothatso Huma
Thekwana Village
Rustenburg Local Municipality
Bojanala District

Memorandum Of Understanding

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Lately the community has been confused interms of whom to call when a disaster occurs. In the last 3-4 weeks we witnessed a water shortage due to a pipe which bursted, Rand Water took the blame and Royal Bafokeng Administration took the responsibility of distributing water to the affected communities which they failed to deliver on time and not everybody got water whereby the communities Municipal Ward Councilors had to step in.
A week ago we also experienced a disaster floods caused by heavy rains and some yards were flooded by water due to the unproper town planning by the Royal Bafokeng Administration. The appointed service provider was nowhere to be found to pump the water from the yards whereby the Ward Councilors where also forced to assist.

The MoU between RBA and RLM is a problem because the communities are not really sure whom to call during emergencies. The matter needs to be addressed whereby the communities must take a decision on what they want to see happen, not always been dictated by authorities which don’t really care about their communities.