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Goods transporting train problem

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GaManoke is a village in rural Limpopo in the Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality

There is a train that passes through the village twice everyday ferrying the goods from the mine, this has been going on for the past forty-eight years. The railway is also a level crossing through the road that is used by the community and vehicles every day, including learners who go to school.

The train passes at around 22h00 in the evening and 06h00 in the morning. In some instances, vehicles are forced to come to a halt to allow the train to pass. People who reside next to the railway are constantly complaining about their houses that they have to repair every year. No one seems to care or take responsibility for this problem, they don’t get any assistance or compensation for their damaged houses.

When the train passes the ground starts to shake and it takes more or less forty-five minutes. The ground starts to shake as the train is approaching and this has caused the walls and the floors to crack. The terrible noise caused by the passing train is also a daily problem for the people.

The problem started in 1975 and one can imagine the agony that generations had to go through for the past forty-eight years. The community have been lamenting and laying complains but there is no solution in sight.

This train ferries commodities such as chrome, coal and other minerals from the mines in Steelpoort area, the mines are Lion and Samancor.

The train passes through GaManoke, Resting, Majaditshukudu, Alberton, Apis and Maepa until it reaches Lydenburg. From there goods are transported overseas with other methods of teransport.

Questions can be raised about the cracking houses and floors, whether they are resulting from the passing train or is it the quality of the houses or poor and shoddy workmanship.

One resident mentioned that money is being paid to the tribal house but the community does not benefit anything from the funds.







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