Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The South African Communist Party convenes a mining summit.

Rebecca Selomo

The SACP Govan Mbeki district (Waterberg District) held their District Mining Summit on Saturday 18th February 2023 in Mokgalakwena at GaMagongoa village.

The summit paid a special focus on the impact of mining activities in local communities within the Mokgalakwena Local Municipality. The summit was attended by the tripartite alliance, traditional leaders, community and civil society organizations.

The general concern among participants from various walks of life is that communities of Mokgalakwena are underdeveloped and poverty stricken in the backdrop of a mine that is a backbone of the local economy. The speakers dwelled on many critical issues ranging from:-

#importance of united communities

#environmental impact of mining companies

#endless disputes by communities

communities. Concerns on level of illiteracy among the young  people was also raised among other issues.

In conclusion the district secretary of the SACP, Mr David Makhafola alluded to a need have working groups among different sectors within communities. This will look deeper into issues affecting the people of Mokgalakwena and to seek solutions thereof. He also committed the SACP to proactive in soliciting the unity of Mokgalakwena residents. People orientated and sustainable development is what they will always strive for.

Finally Mr Makhafola alluded that the summit is a resolution of the last district congress of the SACP, and a similar summit will take place in Lephalale and Thabazimbi.

My view is that there is a deliberate move by the mining company to divide the community of Mokgalakwena, this is evident in their perpetual overlooking of some environmental and social impact that is leading to the disruption and destruction of lives among the communities.

Traditional leaders, organs of civil society and public representatives must seek a cohesive working relationship to ensure a well balanced representation .