Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Bokoni Platinum and the municipality work together

Mosamedi Molin


Most of the roads in ward 33 were damaged and this resulted in communities being unable to use them, the road from Mafeane to GaPhasha is a busy road just like R37. It affects Mafeane, Mariping, Mogabane, GaSelepe, GaManotwane, Msotsi, and GaPhasha.

It is a gravel road which was damaged as a result of torrential rains like other village roads. A joint effort by the community and the councillor managed to get audience with the Bokoni mine to assist with materials to fix the road. The mine agreed and work commenced so that it can be easy for motorists and for people to use the road everyday.

One of the things that we have picked up is that some of our internal roads need to have storm water drainage system to control the flow of rain water.

We also need to use some crushed waste rock from the mine because that material can withstand the torrent of rain water during rainy seasons.

It is my view that as a community we must aim high together with our leaders.

Maintenance on our roads must be a continuous process, and our solution is that we must work hand in glove with other stakeholders. Particularly the mining sector to ensure that build pavements to some of our busy access roads.

I had a chat with Mr George Peta recently in GaManotoane, and in our brief discussion he alluded that we must have round table discussion to talk around development. Councillor Mathipa also attested to that.

Councillor Mathipa also alluded that as a councillor he has initiated some talks around water shortages within the ward, as a community we will have to work around putting some infrastructure to alleviate some shortages that are currently seen. We are actually putting some systems in place to ensure that our people live a much better life, you can marvel a life of a community with water infrastructure, tar roads, adequate electricity and full scale employment. Imagine a community with high mast flood lights across our streets, a community with much better sporting facilities. A community with a improved level of literacy.

These were the words of councillor Matipa.

In conclusion he committed to building a better ward 33, and Bokoni mine said they will help with loads of concrete and that’s what they did.

As a community member I gather hope by seeing the municipality and the mine working together and gives more courage to other community members.