Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Feedback from Minaco mine

Jan Skosana

Last year (2022), we met with the supervisor of Minaco mine where we shared our frustrations as the community. Our challenges emanate from the impact of the mine contamination that hit us as the community.

Our main challenge is the road that is used by trucks that transport the raw materiwls from the mine to the processing plant. These trucks cause so much dust that is blown into households, large rocks that fall from the trucks as they navigate the dilapidated road. This is the same road that is used by taxis as they ferry people to and from work and school children.

Our complains were based three things

  1. Dust
  2. Damage to the road
  3. Stones that fall from the trucks

Surprisingly they only responded on 7th March 2023 and their response was only on one problem, that is dust.

Their solution is that they will spray water in the morning and afternoon to reduce the amount of dust that is coming from the road and blow into houses.

We requested a formal letter from them to commit that they will spray water everyday in the morning and afternoon. We also requested that they convene a meeting with other mining companies to discuss the problem of the road because they are implicit in damaging the road and that can lead to more accidents.

So far the problem is still not yet resolved, because the mine didn’t agree to fix the road although they are the ones who the damage is attributed to. Not even one of the problems has been addressed by the mine. We will write letters to them and other companies that use the road because the matter cannot be left unresolved, we will also invite the Rustenburg Local Municipality to come and clarify who’s responsible to fixing the road.

Children, workers and commuters are not safe on that road, Minaco mine and Bapong Trans must take full responsibility for that road. Bapong Trans busses and Sibanye Stillwater must fix that road and pay their dues to the community.