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Potholes that are very dangerous in the community

Mpho Thobejane

It’s been years the community of Manaleng experiencing accidents that are caused by this big potholes on the road just next to the mine offices of Twickenham. We sometimes see people gathering here trying to fix the potholes but it seems that there are no results at all the road is becoming worse , the passed 7 months a women was hit by the car here and 5 months ago there was an accident that left people injured. The local government and the mine they seems not to care about us. Today when I passed here there were 3 boys who were filling the Potholes with stones and sand and asking for money from car owners. Since the mine was put under cate and maintenance the road is very bad and this is an obvious reason that all what mines cares is for them making profit, they build this road for themselves since they no longer use it now they don’t take care of it. I personally think that as communities this must be an eye opener to see through this mines because they don’t care about people all and the road is getting worse.

It looks like Twickenham mine is ignoring this problem even if is right in front of their eyes. As community we are not happy because this potholes are not only dangerous to cars but people people who walk on the road.

Twickenham Mine must take responsibility and fix the road

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