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Potholes that are very dangerous to the community

Mpho Thobejane


It’s been years since the community of Manaleng experience road accidents caused by these giant potholes just next to the offices of Twickenham mine. Sometimes we witness people gathering there trying to fix potholes, but it seems their efforts are not yielding the positive results.

The road is becoming more worse, seven months ago a woman was hit by a car and subsequently five months ago there was another accident that left people with terrible injuries. The local government and the don’t seem to care about us. Recently when I passed there, three boys were busy filling the potholes with sand and stones and asking for money from passing motorists. Since the mine was put under care and maintenance, the road is very bad. This an obvious reason that the mine cares only about profit and nothing else. They built this road themselves but since they no longer use it, they don’t take any responsibility for it anymore.

It is my view as a community activist that this should serve as an eye opener to see through these mines, they simply don’t care about the people while the road is getting worse.

It looks like Twickenham is oblivious to this problem although it is happening right before their eyes. As a community we are not happy because these potholes are not only a danger to vehicle but also to pedestrians who walk on the road.

Twickenham must take responsibility and fix the road.