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Sand mining in the river

Thobejane Boitumelo

The issue of sand mining takes place at Moopetsi River. Business People who sell sand collect it from the river with trucks. Sand the foundation of human construction and a fundamental ingredient in concrete and other building materials.

It affects the people around the river and the government, the business people who takes the sand creates paths to get to the river so that they collect the sand using big trucks, they dig holes which will results in deeping the river, it happens every time after a rain storm because after a heavy rain they would get a lot of sand in the river.
It poses to the environment, lack of employment youth find it as an opportunity to generates money as sand is a fundamental to building materials.

The solutions to the problem I’ve mentioned above is to push the Twickenham mine which is close to the Moopetsi River to open so that people may be employed, the people who are into the sand mining should be given a Hotspot where they dig the sand, which gives the credit to government giving them the authority to do the sand mining in one area to avoid river collapse, sinking details, river erosion and the deeping of the river. They must ensure the safety of the people who pass through the river

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