Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Unemployment and skill development

Makgoo Victoria


It has been very long months since the community held a march to Twickenham mine to demand mine reopening, even now there is no answer.
Twickenham mine is the main issue in the community because our young brothers and sisters who have finished matric think that they should work at mine. They don’t want to further their studies. They should go to university to learn something related to mining. Unlike sitting at home waiting for Hudua or picking Yes and No to be employed while the mine is closed.

Community from Ditwebeleng gather together and community from Morapaneng, Dikgopheng and Leswanyaneng they also gather together to pick yes and no so that they can go to mine to do skills program in the form of competent B. Each and every month they have a community meeting to have a way forward on how they can engage mine or municipality to even come up with something to keep the unemployed youth busy.
Mostly affect people from the community are women because lot of men are not working and the woman are married to men who are not working and they depend on sassa money. Youth is also affected too because they rely on R350 and that’s not enough.




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