Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community engagement can make a difference

Bafana Blose

On the 15 May 2023 the community movement was started from the 2 Mines which is Future Coal ans MSI. The main issue was that we want the mines to continue working in those Areas but they must work together with the Community in terms of the SOCIAL LABOUR PLANS (SLP’S).

Partnerships are being built with industries in the community just for simple reasons which is the systems that are already in place, we believe that we are on the correct path to see that development happening for these Mining Host Communities. We also don’t want to see any disruptions from “opportunists” which causes delays and confusion amongst the community and the mines therefore constitute to less being done by the Mines in terms of developing the plans to practical implementation. Secondly, we don’t want politician’s interference acting like they can do better bypassing systems that are in place e.g. Community Forums instead of giving proper assistance when required by the very same forum members from the communities they lead. The third and last reason is to embark the movement because we understand very well the cry of the excluded.

This revolution was combining a lot of affected community members and landless people. Because we have lot of young people are stay at homes because the are no jobs or opportunities created by the local industries based at Newcastle.