Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Negative effects of electricity break downs

Molin Mosamedi

Molin Mosqmedi

Mogabane village

Fetakgomo Tubatse municipality

Limpopo Provence

The constant break in planned electricity or loadshedding and transformer breakdowns is causing chaos in the village, on the 20th and 21st May 2023 we had no power supply as the transformer exploded at Maotwane, it involved many villages and affected many businesses around the area negatively. Eskom engineers came after two days to repair the transformer.

Businesses especially retailers have lost perishable products and had to throw them away as they were no longer consumable. Hair salons depend on electricity to operate and the blackouts affect them negatively, the community households lost perishable foods as well and had to throw them away and that affects the poor as they cannot buy others to replace leading to hunger

It is a dire situation  for all, the businesses, community and learners who are suffering as they depend on the use of candles or lamps at night to study and those who cannot afford are unable to study. The community decided to have a meeting with their political councilor to request solar panels from the municipality to ease the suffering and loses encountered by the community.