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Profit comes first for mining company

Moshabi Selowa

Moshabi Selowa
Monametsi village (Atok)
Fetakgomo-Tubatse Municipality
Sekhukhune District

Profits comes first for mining company

Monametse village under the leadership of Kgoshi Selepe hosts Bokoni Platinum which is under Anglo Platinum mine. In 2024 there were plans to open a shaft called Braakfonten in an area occupied by 45 households and were required to relocate, the families were informed but that created chaos within the village as the whole community wanted to be relocated but it was rejected by the mine because they identified 45 families only.

The mine rushed the relocation, which led to families losing some of their belongings and they lodged complaints of loss of items but the mine declined to take responsibility sighting that there was no written agreement between the mine and the families and they were not reimbursed for their losses.

The families moved in to the new houses built by the mine, the found faults in the houses as they had cracks, as community activists we intervened but the mine tried to arrange a private settlement with families, luckily we were able to assist the families and with our knowledge we have won the case for them.

Time has arrived for Bokoni Platinum to inform those relocated as to how they are related to those who will be working at the mine. We also requested the mine to tell us about their relationship with African Rainbow Minerals, those being relocated do not want problems like before and things will be done well this time because they have learner a lesson about how the mine operates.