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Land expropriation

Victoria Makgoo

Victoria Makgoo
Morapaneng village
Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality
Limpopo Province

Land expropriation
#tribal levies

On the 15 May 2023 Sekhukhune Environmental Justice Network took part in the Land expropriation case at Polokwane high court in solidarity with applicants for the Tribal Levies bill case at Polokwane. This applicants demand Rural Democracy and for Tribal levies to be scrapped. These unjust taxes are only paid by rural residents in former Bantustans

On the 8th May 2023, SEJN together with other organizations took part in Publicly works, Roads and infrastructure’s public hearing on expropriation bill that took place at Boiketlong lodge, Limpopo province in Sekhukhune District.
Sekhukhune Enviromental Justice Network made an oral submission regarding the following
1. We are landless
Our traditional medical practitioners have no place to collect traditional medication because huge parts of the land belongs to certain individuals.
We cannot farm anymore and have no grazing land for our livestock
Our country is rich but we are drowning in porvety.
2. Access to information
People have no information about the bill and were not consulted properly, we have Halls, schools and tribal houses for Pre briefing before the hearings as some people never heard of the bill.
3. What happened to land claims that were done? What is the strategy?
4. There should be an Environmental assessment to check how land was before and after giving to people, if damaged, who will take responsibility?
5. Our land is owned by illigal immigrants and their businesses are a problem to people.
6. Extension of submission date.

A bill is not a 2 day event since we are making inputs to Expropriation Bill Act 1975, it is possible to extend so that more inputs can be made or a date set so that we will not shoot ourselves in the leg.
This will be the bill for our youth and future generation,if possible to the hearings should be extended for a month or two so that people can be consulted. Sekhune is huge and it will be great if this is done in public central place where people from different areas are brought together. This affects the community because some have been relocated without being engaged or make any decisions, they were just given notice that they will be relocated and they should prepare for it.

The land expropriation law in its current form allows the expropriation of land only for public purposes and in the interest of the public as stipulated in Section 25 of the constitution. The risk of expropriation is that goverment forcibly takes over ownership of privately owned property without proper compensation, this is clearly a significant risk given reliance of project finance lenders on the cashflows generated by a particular project.
An email address was given to send submissions, we are now waiting for an update. Our communities and traditional leaders must unite, it is time to fix things for our future generations or they will be landless too.