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Lives of community in danger due to negligence

Happiness Koma

Happiness Koma
Magobading village
Fetakgomo Tubatse Municipality
Limpopo Province

Lives of community in danger due to negligence

As a community monitor and a resident of Manoke area in Apis, A railway line separates 2 villages and other areas. The train transports goods to and from the mines in Fetakgomo-Tubatse, there are two railway crossings and there are stop signs for traffic control at the crossings, there is a pedestrian crossing which community deem to be far and have created their own unsafe crossings, this led to an intervention meeting between Transnet and communities of Spies and Manoke held at a local school to resolve the issue.

We saw how dangerous rail crossing is, at around 5am-6am an accident occurred.,normally when the train approaches, we hear a bell and the ground shaking.
The truck who was transporting female farm workers to Motaepula farm seem to have not heard anything or he thought he will pass quickly as he entered the railway as the train approached the railway crossing, unfortunately they were unable to reach their destiny, the driver opened his door, jumped out and ran away before the train hit the driver’s side door and the train came into a halt, the passengers were unable to jump out as the truck had a canopy. They were travelling from Alberton to work at Matsepula

Ambulances arrived at the scene at 7am to help those who were involved in the accident. Police officers also arrived but the driver ran towards the mountains. No one died, witnesses said the driver was at fault,he should have stopped when the bell rang. The passengers nearly lost lives because of negligence.
It is not for the first time that something like this happen, people must be careful.