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Youth stand up against devision

Moshabi Selowa

Moahabi Selowa
Monametse (Atok)
Fetakgomo Tubatse Municipality
Sekhukhune District
Limpopo Province

Youth stand up against division

Communities affected by mining are struggling and living in poverty while the minerals in their areas are making huge profits for mining companies, all mining are the same, they do not put the wellbeing and health of the people as their priority.
Leadership of affected communities are fighting under the guidance of their traditional leaders, communities are divided and this is how mining operates by divide and conquer, while people fight each other, business go as usual in the mine, this gives mines power to win even if the communities are fighting for development in their areas.

For example Bokoni platinum mine affects the following villages:
Monametse, Manotwana, Selepe, Maruping, Malomanye, Sefateng, Mahlahlaneng, Bogalatladi, Mathabatha, Tjibeng, Phasha, Makgalanoto Phashakraal, Seelane and others. Mining is taking place in between Sefateng and Theseametse, all these villages under the leadership of 3 kings namely Nkwana, Selepe and Manotwana.

Bikini mine was bought by African Rainbow Minerals ( ARM engagements are with the 3 kings). When mine reopns the mining company agreed to work with traditional leaders not with local political councis. Things are not going well because local councilors were not given a chance to represent their followers and the mine continues to give the jobs through traditional leaders and this created divides and fights and it affected the community, contracts are given to those who have experience and qualifications to mine.

Leadership should follow the plans of the communities especially youth, they are our future leaders, communities should unite so that mining companies stop taking advantage of them by continuing dividing them. They intentionally decide the communities because they know that if the community is United it will be difficult to control them, they will fight in unity for is rightfully theirsm
Youth have stood up to fight this program as it devides their communities and they are the ones affected. Their massage is clear ” enough is enough” They have been unemployed for a long time.