Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Bokoni Platinum mine closure

Moshabi Selowa

People did not believe when there was news that the mine will close, and it just officially closed in 2017. Residents who were employees at the mine were able to support and feed their families, with the closure it turned into crisis as they could not feed them anymore and the mine left the village with damaged un roadworthy roads.


Parents became villains to their children in all spheres, school dropouts blamed their parents for their misfortunes while parents struggled to feed the kids, those who finished school need bursaries but the mine cannot assist. The mine failed on imparting its former employees and residents of Monametse and surrounding areas with sustainable skills to ensure they can continue feeding their families in future.


The mine created health problems especially respiratory diseases as the road that leads to Braakfountein shaft causes dust and the dry tailing dams creates dust that is blown into the village and surrounding areas.The roads are left damaged and un roadworthy and hinders prospects of children going to schools in other areas. Thuto ye nnyane ke mpholo setshabeng meaning Lack of education is a poison to the nation. People trusted their leaders but they failed and left residents in destitute.