Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Air contamination in Mashishing.

Thobejane Mpho

The community of Mashishing is inhaling harmful polluted air from the water contaminated by sewage
and it has been a while, this affects the whole community and it is so severe that people cannot walk
free without protecting their nostrils, especially at the source area.
This has been ongoing for years and still no progress on attending to the matter. The sewage leak is
frustrating, people are getting used to the effects of the terrible smell and if not attended to, it will
continually damage the health of the people and cause respiratory diseases.
Together we can change this unhealthy living if we can unite and form a strong group to solve all the
community issues that are troubling us every day and night. The municipality of Mashishing has
assisted in solving this as we cannot deal with this kind of problem alone. We have to come up with
more strategies for ending these issues such as creating some community platforms to inform our
people about safety, healthy living, and ways to curb this issue of contaminated air. To protect our
living organisms, and not forget the land that we are living on for free of charge, to value what we
have now for the up coming future generations.
Therefore we can hold our hands together to make a stronger chain of distributing different ideas to
end this problem of breathing polluted air. If we manage to stop neglecting our responsibilities in this
community, we can reach our destiny of living in a cleaner environment and safer one.

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