Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Thobejane Mpho

We as the community of Ditwebeleng are facing a huge problem of water waste as the pipes are old and leaking. We tried by all means to solve the problem and also to inform the leaders of the mines to help us fix the pipes but no one is responding even today, if this issue continues the community of Ditwebeleng may end up having no water which is not good for their health. This matter will affect all people and farmers mostly because they are the ones, who supply the whole community with healthy vegetables daily, not forgetting the women as they are the housekeepers.

They use water almost in every activity they do at their homes. The mines have to act quickly on this matter before things get worse. They also have to improve on their promises as they said any issues we are facing we should inform them but now they turn their back on us. Mines have to supply the community with quality brand-new pipes to repair broken ones and replace old ones must also hire local people around the area to replace those pipes. The people of Ditwebeleng as a whole must come up with strategies to save water while the mines are busy repairing those pipes, by organizing meetings to communicate the importance of saving water for the coming days.

The mine can manage to stop this problem only if they are willing to respond, respect, and reunite with the community leaders, They probably can repair those damages fast if they work together with the community as a team without any waste of time. All the communities have a right to water, healthy crops, and a right to act. As the mines had promised to develop our community, therefore, they will have to fulfill the promise as soon as possible without some conditions. We would sincerely like to give them the last chance to work with us, as they promised to do so. But if they fail us again, we will make them collapse and never operate on our land for safety and healthy living.