Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Nobulawo Sitshaluza

On the 15th of June it was very dusty in Snake Park and it’s the middle of winter, something very unusual during this time of the year. The more seasons change, the more they stay the same because now it’s windy, but still not cold enough in the middle of winter season. At the beginning of winter season it was very rainy and still warm, climate change is upon us. The ozone layer is being affected in a big way, it is becoming thinner and thinner because people are not taking care of the environment that we live in.

My community is equally guilty in contributing to climate change, it is a common practice among young guys in my community to gather at night during load shedding. They burn tyres and those tyres form a cloud of smoke that will head straight to the atmosphere. The deforestation also contributes to the extreme change in weather patterns, the more trees are being cut the more our environment suffers.

The people are not aware of that because their only aim is to make fire to cook and keep warm, as some of them have been without electricity for years. I’m also concerned by the veld fires near my home, every year someone will just decide to throw a match stick and thus igniting an open fire.

At the beginning of this year, there was flooding in my community because we received a heavy rainfall. People and homes were swept away by the torrent and small animals died during the flooding. We suffer extreme temperatures in summer and we have no trees to sit under the shades, because they were cut. They even cut a huge one that used to be at the back of my neighbour’s house and thus leaving disadvantaged.

As the human race,we need to better take care of our environment. We keep on taking from mother nature without giving back. Even now in winter, the tailing dam dust is still affecting my community and killing us slowly.