Author: Sergio Tomas

National Human Rights Commission visits Mualadzi

A meeting between the National Human Rights Commission and the resettled community of Mualadzi took place today, October 13, 2020 at the offices of the Natural Resources Management Committee in Mualadzi. The Chief of Cambulatsitsi Locality, Community Leaders of Mualadzi, representatives of the Community Forum and members of the community […]

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Environmental impact study in Moatize

Yesterday, June 30, 2020, took place at the Hotel VIP in the city of Tete, the launch of the study carried out in the city of Moatize on the environmental impacts of mining on communities. The study looked at the well-being of people residing in mining areas, the survival needs […]

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Resettlers develop pottery in Cateme

A group of resettlers is developing the pottery in Cateme. According to an interviewee’s testimony, this activity was already carried out in Moatize before the resettlement to Cateme, but was paralyzed due to the lack of a suitable space. But with the help of the community leaders in Cateme it […]

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