Marange Development Trust’s (MDT) report on the impact of COVID-19 on youths

Molline Mudiwa, MDT youth aged 25 According to World Health Organization (WHO), older people and those with underlying health conditions such as Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and Chronic Respiratory diseases are more likely to develop serious illnesses from COVID-19 which may result in fatality. This statement has been misinterpreted by the […]

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Frontier SA suspendes ses activités

Bonaventure NgoyKatanga, DRC23/04/2020 L’entreprise minière FRONTIER SA menace de suspendre ses activités durant une période de 6 mois. Pour calmer la population le gouverneur de la Provence du haut Katanga a dépêché son vice jean Claude Kamfwa Kimimba afin de calmer la tension qui montée dans la population de Sakania. […]

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Covid-19 and the daily struggle in Angola

Evaristo TavaresAngola Since the lockdown was implemented here in Angola the prices of goods and services have been increasing. This situation is leading to public disobedience of the “State of Emergency”. The demand for bread has increased more than ever before. In some places in Luanda and Cazenga people gather […]

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