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Differences in Diversity

By H.T Moletsane

South Africa a country alive with possibilities and opportunities.Rich in diversity, minerals and wealth….

How many times have you heard this words being uttered by every PR, Marketing, Advertising agency. While it is true that we rich in various ways, they go to an extend of selling South Africa as a paradise state ,creating an illusion that blinds people’s sight from the real unaltered image of South Africa. For a while I’ve been living in this fantasy bubble that pressing issues like discrimination and racism were long swept under the carpet, that the trails and skit marks of our horrible past were washed away by the empty and sad tears that were shed during the struggle for freedom.

Eighteen years as a democratic state and we are still standing, a lot has changed but so many critical factors remain the same. I wanted to remain objective in this article, but it struck me. I don’t have a editor to request approval nor fears of being dragged to court. I am just voicing what is rightfully mine, “freedom of speech”. I want this letter to remain open. Well it’s no dark secret that the minority of this multi-ethnic nation’s economical wealth is enjoyed mostly by the minority, most executive positions are held by the very same people, and on the other hand the majority is still besieged and left limping by poverty long after the transition of power.

This country’s development into a fully developed state is marred by corruption and selfishness. Development in Africa is a slow process and due to that, it has little influence on the world. South Africa is so diverse, humbly blessed with so much, breath taking landscapes, beautiful people etc. Yet we so lost when it comes to understanding one another. The 2010 world cup was a trailer of how great we can be. If we aligned our clouds, to create a beautiful storm so in the aftermath we can all enjoy the rainbow. We fragile because of our past, insecure as the results of it, we hardly open up to explore more then the vicinity of our comfort zones.

This country has so much potential to unseat the best, will we ever discover it….. I don’t know. But with a new generation on the horizon, who are starting to open up to one another I think there’s hope.


GUBICO is a community based organisation in Free State Province receiving sharing and learning training via Monitoring School from the Bench Marks Foundation Monitoring Project.

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