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Does our youth see the need for celebrating June 16

Does our youth see the need for celebrating June 16
By Disebo
As we are about to celebrate youth day, what is exactly there to celebrate? Because our youth are the perpetrators of crime in Kanana. Every time when there is an incident of crime around our area youth are involved, why is that happening? Our youth don’t work and they are not even involved in sports activities and one can even conclude that they are hopeless. It is not that sporting facilities are not there, the thing is that they are lazy and they rather go to parties in taverns. Most of them are suffering from the desease of thinking that things must come to them or fall from heaven.
As we are about to celebrate June 16, there will be celebrations in our areas and in those celebrations there will be more adults than youth I don’t know if they don’t care or if they are free. So we interviewed one of the youth of Kanana to hear his opinion about the issue of celebrating June 16 and he said “there is only one small community centre that cannot accommodate half the youth of Kanana, so I don’t see the point of us gathering and celebrate our government is failing us. They cannot even provide jobs for us even voluntary jobs, so we better off on the streets doing crime so that we can live and be recognized.” I asked him if it was useful to celebrate youth day and he replied by saying “yes but in a unique way by going to taverns wearing school uniform and some organizing braais than going into stadiums and listening to those idiots called politicians talking about history because the information that they are giving people is not useful to me and my friends because we have already learned that at school and that is enough let them provide us with jobs.
Meanwhile in Jouberton the St Paul Catholic Church youth organized an event which was aimed at commemorating leaders who pushed the youth agenda since from the beginning, and amongst those leaders they include Tsietsi Mashinini, Peter Mokaba, Fikile Mbalula and the others. They invited other youth from different churches from Potchefstroom, Khuma and Kanana. The event was a success in sense that valuable information was disseminated by guest speakers from the Justice and Peace, SAPS and community leaders and it was concluded by youth performances in a form of musical items, drama performances and musical dancing. I believe that this day should be celebrated in many years to come because that is our rich history and that is who we are, and we cannot afford to lose our roots.

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