Community alerts/Andries Mocheko/ Lephalale Marapong20/05/2019, 11:27 AM]

Just a quick updates about so called “Greening Waterberg Project” that runs by WEJF and funded by EU coordinate by Action 24. The project started on the 1st of April 2019. WEJF seeks to empower local organizations and Waterberg communities to protect their environment for improved living conditions and to engage decisions makers. On how the project is going run? The project will run for only one(1)year to complete its task by: – Identify the stakeholders around Waterberg/Limpopo – Capacity building workshops – Reasech about the impact of the Environment/Climate Change in Waterberg -Strategy how to engage with Legislature about the issues/challenges on how are we going deal with this matters and come up with solutions. On the 12/04/2019, we met with our local media as part of identification of stakeholders, as we going to need them on this project to be successful in Waterberg. Try to build a good relationship with them so that they can spread our information about the impact of the climate/environment in our society. [05/20, 5:35 PM] Andries Mocheko: On 24/04/2019 (Identification of stakeholders) WEJF visited Botshabelo Village Trustee in Lephalale to meet with one of the Traditional “Ndonas” and his Council to¬† introduce¬† the Greening Waterb