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Poor Service Delivery at Segwaelane Clinic

By Tshepang Sarah Rambao

Segwaelane clinic is the only place where you can get medical attention in Segwaelane Village, which is located in Brits town. Undignified service delivery and ill-treatment that patients receive from nurses is outrageous, which makes it difficult and impossible for patients to ask and get help in this clinic.

Community members of Segwaelane Village find it hard to utilize their clinic, reason being long queues and not getting any attention from the nurses. These nurses spend time sipping coffee and chatting while patients await their assistance. Patients with serious issues such as injuries, vomiting, or burns and other urgent health issues that need immediate attention only get rejection, when they [nurses] see this they just pass and do nothing. The community of Segwaelane are unable to exercise their human rights to proper health care. The situation in this clinic is unpleasing and disturbing.

The ignorance and rudeness of these nurses makes community members uncomfortable to go to the clinic with sensitive issues even if they need medical guidance or attention. People are forced to go to town or nearby villages for medical attention, all because of lack of supervision, laziness and brutality.

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