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The Bophelong Community Cannot Afford Electricity by Potia Dlamini

Eskom’s prices has led the community of Bophelong to connect electricity illegal, people who are using illegal connection don’t really care about the other person next door. They just use electricity the whole entire day especially in winter they leave the heater, kettle and stove on for the whole day, and that affects the next person who is not using electricity illegally.
Majority of people in Bophelong are using illegal connections of electricity because the Eskom power is way too much expensive for them to afford. The community is very poor in terms of jobs, education and information.
Eskom has been told about the matter and no action has been taken so far .Houses get burned to ashes by unprotected electrical wires and kids are also victims of this because they play with those wires. It affects members of the community who are paying for electricity financially, people are starting to pay more than they expected because the electricity vouchers they used to buy every month they now cant last for a month as the number of people who use illegal connection increase. If one household estimated to buy a voucher of R250 a month now has to pay double and some can’t afford it.
Eskom is yet to increase its prices every year and still sells companies like BHP Billiton at a lower price; it’s about time now Eskom starts to practice people before profit. The community must also take responsibility and stop using electricity illegal
Potia Dlamini is a resident of Bophelong.