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Crime in my community by Hloni.

In short crime is now breaking news in the country, crime is a common problem in the world we living in today . These issues of crime today you find it in every continent AND EVERY COUNTRY  in that continent in a different form.

Through the issue of it’s a common problem today in the world it is controllable  but it depends on each country and its government  through its system by showing hard working and commitment  to serve citizens by implementing the law that governs their country to eradicate the crime in their land by catching all the criminals and put them where they belong witch is in jail

Today crime in Sebokeng it has worsen and spread to that are nearby it like Small farms, Evaton, Evaton North and West, Orangefarm. The most common crime in all these mentioned areas is house breaking  bank robbery , shop lifting and rape.

On Friday the 5th of April 2013 at around 15:45pm  in the afternoon at Evaton plaza shopping center 7 men armed with guns robbed a fidelity monetary car that came to collect money from Shoprite store, they attacked 4 guards of that money van held them hostage with guns and they managed to escape with 4 bags full of money, but sadness thing is on their way running to the car they where traveling with they started shooting on air to scare people away for them to gain way but unfortunately there was a an old lady who was walking with her grand child coming out of Another store she was short on the thigh the she fell down and lost too much blood and died died on her way to hospital.

Crime is very bad and its fruits  are very bad  to the human beings and the world