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Rome was not build in one day!! by Lerato Claudia Mphale


Back in the year 1976 more young people died in the fight of the free education, freedom of speech and free language. their lives were destroyed, their families lost their loved ones. The youth of 1976 had the same goal, mission, vision and believe. They believed in the free country not an obstructive country. Hence the government of that time had to listen to them never mind what happens after that.

The youth of today are all in the news, if you read, watches and listens to the news youth are killing, raping and highly using substance abuse and drugs. They are dishonoring those who gave their life’s  our forefathers lives by abusing the freedom they fought for us to be free today, they now live their life of spending money rather than saving it for the future. They do not have the goal of serving and saving the country and building our economy. JUNE 16 DAY is now celebrated rather than commemorated, before it was the day were information and education about the day was done, the songs of MZABALAZO  were sang to remember those heroes.

CHINA will always be one of the richest countries in the world because they encourage saving at an early age. While most of our young people know the work spending as opposed to spending, so if South African government can include saving in the current curriculum of education in our schools we can have responsible adults as thriving economy in the country. Young people are exposed to fancy and expensive life and they believe of not wearing an expensive thing you are not accepted, torturing our poor young ones they start to develop low self-esteem and start not believing in themselves.

For example will be the so called SKHOTHANE CULTURE (Extravagant and irresponsible spending) whereby even well know people are supporting and promoting instead of promoting saving the money. We know that most of our youth in the country are unemployed but the government is trying to empower them, by introducing the leaderships, internships and skills development programmes, now the government trying though much can be improved in seeing that young people are educated. Most young people drop out or school ,  involve in teenage pregnancy. High rate of HIV/AIDS  and so many bad things. It appears young people of today likes short cut to life and this pose a lot of challenges for all stakeholder in society and even more responsibility on organization such as Gubico to do more in our work.




GUBICO is a community based organisation in Free State Province receiving sharing and learning training via Monitoring School from the Bench Marks Foundation Monitoring Project.